Make returns your competitive edge
with Hafback’s Returns Recommerce™
software for online retailers

Eliminate costs and recover more capital with sustainable returns.

How Hafback's
Returns Recommerce Software Works

Branded Returns Portal

We start with presenting your customers with a frictionless returns experience within your branded returns portal. They will enter their order details, select the item, and choose a return reason. 

Returns Recommerce Marketplace

Qualified returns instantly show up for sale on the Hafback marketplace. You set the resale window and discount level. 

Peer-to-Peer Shipping

Once an item is purchased, your original consumer receives their “return” shipping label via email. This label is addressed to the marketplace consumer, turning your reverse logistics into forward logistics!

Benefits of Hafback's
Returns Recommerce™ Software

Eliminate your reverse logistics costs

Shipping to your warehouse. Inbound receipt. Product inspection. Repack. Return to shelf. Storage. These are real costs driven by your traditional returns process that Hafback eliminates.

Instantly list Returns on our marketplace

We make it easy. The moment a return is approved it is immediately available for sale on the Hafback marketplace. We even bring over your digital assets from your eCommerce store.

Turn your returns policy into a competitive advantage

Consumers today are increasingly making their purchasing decisions based on your returns policy. Free returns shipping is the expectation. You can now offer free returns shipping with no bottom line impact by turning "returns shipping" into "outbound sales shipping".

Recommerce as a sales funnel

75% of recommerce customers are new to brand. 22% will return to purchase a full price item within 30 days. Selling your returned items on the Hafback marketplace will drive new motivated buyers to your site

THe missing piece to your carbon neutral puzzle

Truly green returns. From reducing transportation emissions to diverting product out of landfills, Hafback is the only returns solution tackling the environmental impact of returns head on.

Integrate your shopify store in minutes

Not weeks. Not days. A few clicks and you're minutes away from offering your customers the best returns solution on the market.

Sustainability Matters

1/3 of American consumers say sustainability impacts their buying decisions. Implementing a sustainable returns solution allows you to offer a fully sustainable shopping experience from purchase through return.

Why Returns Recommerce™?

40%+ Return Rate

Online retailers report returns rates as high as 40%. No other platform offers you the ability to maximize your capital recovery on returns and sell your returned items without ever touching them again. 


True Landed Cost

The cost to process a return is growing, but is often overlooked as a “cost of business”. Your true landed cost of items returned to the shelf and sold as new or open box is greater than what is reflected in your financials. Selling directly on Hafback removes these overlooked cost inputs.

Customer Expectations

As merchants, we strive to reprocess our returns to resell as new. But customers have high expectations of what a new item should look like, including the packaging. Protect yourself from bad reviews by selling direct to consumers who expect true open box product.

Cost Constraints

For many merchants the cost to process returns is too high, leading them to skip the inspection process completely. This sends perfectly good items being sent to the landfill, donated, or liquidated for pennies on the dollar.

Inventory Turnover

Even if you’re able to return an item to the shelf as new or open box, the cycle of a return combined with your turnover time once an item is on the shelf can mean seasonal or trendy items miss their sales window. With Hafback, go from Customer “A” to Customer “B” in days.

Returns are here to stay

Returns aren’t going away. Brick and mortar stores are evidence of this. Customers can experience an item in person and still return it. Hafback is the only proactive returns solution, eliminating costs and recovering capital at the onset of the reverse logistics cycle, not after.

1 Return = 1 Tree Planted!

We’re focused on sustainability for all returns, even those that don’t sell on the marketplace. That is why for every return that does go back to your warehouse we’ll plant a tree through our partners to offset the carbon emissions.

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Frequently asked questions

Our Returns Management Software integrates seamless with your Shopify account. Customers submit their returns and upon approval (automated or manual) the item is listed instantly on our marketplace. You set the discount rate and the days it stays listed. Once purchased, Customer “A” automatically receives a shipping label to ship directly to Customer “B”. Once received, Customer “A” is refunded. 

If the item doesn’t sell within the time allotted, a label is automatically generated using a default warehouse location you establish in your account settings. Once that item is received at your warehouse, the customer is refunded. 

We charge a flat $199 a month (currently FREE during our promotional period) for our Returns Management Software with no limits to the number of returns you process. For our marketplace, we keep the lights on by collecting a 10% fee on Hafback marketplace sales. Recovering capital out of your returns is like finding money…so it’s basically free. If your item doesn’t sell we don’t charge you any marketplace fees.

We currently only integrate with Shopify but have other platforms in the development pipeline.

Surveys show the average shopper holds an item for 7 days AFTER they initiate a return. We use this as a baseline but you have full control as to how long you list an item for. 

You are in full control of what items go to our secondary marketplace. Set rules by product category or manually select an alternate disposition for the return.

Yes. In order to ensure only quality items show up on the marketplace, items where the original consumer indicates the return reason is for a damaged, defective, or the wrong item will only have disposition choices of “destroy in field” and “return to warehouse”

For the vast majority of consumers, it will be the same seamless process they are accustomed to. Industry research indicates the average consumer holds onto a return for 7 days after they initiate a return before dropping it off with the parcel carrier. This is why we recommend setting your initial resale window to 7 days.

The rest of the process is the same. They receive a return label, they package up their return according to your return policy, and off it goes. Where it goes doesn’t impact their experience.

We are confident that your customers will view their experience even more positively knowing that their return is not having the same environmental impact of a traditional return.

Hafback’s Returns Recommerce™ software is free to install, and only takes minutes to setup. Whether you’re handling 5 or 5,000 returns a month, Hafback can help save you and your team time and money. 

Hafback is a returns software and recommerce marketplace. For additional questions on how either side works please contact us.